Autonomous Blockstorage for all Businesses

What we do

SLAPStack offers a revolutionary operating system for autonomous block stacking warehouses based on robotic forklifts


75% of operating costs are personell costs

Lack of qualified workers

11% of forklifts involved in accidents each year

No transparency on stock levels

Slow deployment, approx. 9-18 month

Large invest, >150.000€

Fixed & hierarchical decision-making

Little flexibility

All-in-One Product

Integrating all necessary software components such as fleet control and inventory management with a simulation that accurately replicates the real system. The result is a system that’s easy to integrate.

Simulation-based control

The simulation-based control paired with our novel algorithms for reshuffling, layouting, storage allocation, etc., leads to significant improvements of your most relevant warehouse KPIs such as the order service times.

Flexible SaaS-Model

The flexible SaaS model leads to minimum invest requirements. Combined with the rental/lease of hardware, huge cost savings can be achieved from the very beginning.